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Directions: U.S. 90 take overpass to 277 (Dr. Fermin Calderon Blvd) Turn left on East Cortinas to 409 East Cortinas St.
Church History

 In 1962, while serving in the United States Air Force, SSgt. Lonnie Green and wife, Doris Green, was sent to Laughlin, Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas. Little did they know that a faithful woman , Sis. Viola Fay, had been earnestly praying that a holiness church would be established in her town. The Greens left Del Rio in 1964 with orders to travel overseas. While on assignment in Instanbul, Turkey, Bro. Green heard the voice of God and accepted his call to the ministry. Again the family received orders to return to Del Rio, Texas.

Sis. Green and her children arrived in September of 1968 and began having service with Mother Fay and her family in the Fay's home. The fellowship began to grow and eventually they joined with the United Pentecostal Church and worked faithfully there.

The following year in February, Bro. Green returned to Del Rio and the small band of saints, mainly children, began having service in the Green's home. When the congregation began to grow, Sis. Green and Mother Fay walked the streets of Del Rio looking for a church building. They found a small building on the church's present site and on September 20, 1970, Bro. Green was appointed Pastor. The church was officially dedicated in February 1971.

One of Bishop Green's favorite passages was "without a vision, the people perish", and he and Mother Green diligently worked to fulfill the vision God had given them. From the small building, the church grew to include a large dining area and kitchen, several offices, 10 classrooms,and a spacious santuary.

We praise God for the "vision" .

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